The east wind blows

Yes, it is very, very cold out there and yes, we are due to be without power tomorrow, which means I have every intention of hiding out in a very warm bakery for as long as possible on Thursday (one day later than usual, due to aforementioned lack of power).  I also think we might all be in need of a bit of a treat given the frosty conditions so, in addition to the regular loaves, I’ll also be making focaccia and cinnamon buns:

  • seeded brown tin loaf £3.00 (pictured)
  • white tin loaf £3.00
  • sourdough £3.50
  • focaccia topped with goats cheese, tomato & caramelised onion £4.00
  • cinnamon buns £1.25

If you would like to order any of the above please get in touch by 9am Thursday for delivery/collection later that day.

Stay cosy.

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