It’s beginning to look a lot like…

…Christmas! Well, okay, no it’s not and, in fact, I’m not normally an advocate for mentioning the c word prior to December. However, I will have some Christmas cakes, mincemeat on sale at tomorrow’s producers’ market for anyone who hasn’t/won’t get round to making there own. There’ll also be the usual bread and I promise not to be too festive – I’m saving that for the Christmas market on the 2nd!

An early bake

The next day bread will be available is Wednesday 8th November. This week I’ll need to bake on Tuesday night for delivery early Wednesday though so please get your orders in at the earlier time of 12pm on Tuesday, or ideally Monday eve. Sorry, only the following will be available:

  • sourdough (850g) £3.50
  • seeded brown tin loaf (800g) £3.00
  • white tin loaf (800g) £3.00

I won’t be baking on the 15th but there will be more products at the produce market on the 22nd.

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