Gardening in the bakery

Not content with just gardening outside, this week I’m taking the garden into the bakery with herby clay pot loaves. They’re enriched with milk and butter and flavoured with fresh chives, parsley and fennel seeds. They’re available this Wednesday along with the following:

  • herby clay pot bread £3.25
  • Brown tin loaf £3.00
  • White tin loaf £3.00
  • Focaccia with goats cheese, caramelised onion and tomatoes £4.00
  • Cinnamon buns £1.25

Please order by 8pm on Tuesday evening.

All orders by delivery only and payment by bank transfer. (I can deliver to the following places – Kilchoan, Achosnich, Portuairk, Achnaha, Sanna, Kilmory and Branault & Swordle. It may be possible for orders for Glenmore/Glenborrodale area to be dropped off)

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