Back by popular demand

The flour has arrived so this week will be a baking bonanza including, as requested by a few of you, more hot cross buns. (Though given Easter is now some time ago, they may in fact by ‘cross-less buns’). They’ll be available for delivery on Thursday along with the following:

  • poppy white £2.50
  • granary £2.50
  • seeded brown £2.75
  • focaccia with goats cheese, pesto and tomato £4.00
  • Hot ‘cross-less’ buns £0.75

Please order by 8pm Wednesday, include your address and let me if there is somewhere safe I can leave your order. All orders by delivery only and payment by bank transfer.

(Sorry I will only be able to take orders for delivery in the following places – Kilchoan, Achosnich, Portuairk, Achnaha, Sanna, Kilmory and Branault & Swordle)

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