Order for Wednesday

With the weather getting colder, it’s great to have an excuse to spend more time in the very cosy bakeshed. With that in mind, I’m shamelessly trying to drum up more orders for this Wednesday. This week, the following will be available:

  • sourdough (850g) £3.50
  • rye & caraway loaf (800g) £3.25
  • seeded brown tin loaf (800g) £3.00
  • white tin loaf (800g) £3.00
  • foccacia (topped with mozzarella & sundried tomato) £4.00
  • foccacia (rosemary & rock salt) £3.00
  • green olives marinated with garlic and herbs £1.20/tub
  • black olives marinated with chilli and herbs £1.20/tub

If you would like to place an order please do get in touch by 5pm on Tuesday.

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