Focaccia fun

This week, I will be baking the following [Please note I’m going to have a week off next week]:

  • Sourdough £3.50
  • Rye Sourdough £3.50
  • Poppy white £2.50
  • Sesame brown £2.50
  • Focaccia with goats cheese, tomato & caramelised onion £4.00
  • Focaccia with feta, tomato & black olives £4.00
  • Cinnamon buns £1.25

Please order by 8pm Tuesday, include your address and let me if there is somewhere safe I can leave your order. All orders by delivery only and payment by bank transfer.

(I can deliver to the following places – Kilchoan, Achosnich, Portuairk, Achnaha, Sanna, Kilmory and Branault & Swordle. It may be possible for orders for Glenmore/Glenborrodale area to be dropped off)

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